HTCW in China - First worldwide HTCW plant will be in Tonglia/China!

September 2013

The many efforts to get this eco-friendly and efficient waste utilization technology onto the worldwide market is first achieved by KBI’s Chinese partners. The project will be built in two phases, starting with a demonstration plant, that will be turned in the second phase into a normal, industrial sized plant after it will have proven its workability. 

Tongliao, the location of the plant, is a 1,3 million city in the east of Inner Mongolia, about 700 km northeast of Beijing and in the vicinity of Shenyang and Changchun, where Chinas main car manufacturers are situated.

Mr. Wei, the leader of the investing company, has great plans to build HTCW plants throughout China for to handle with the worlds most advanced technology China's huge waste problem along with the problem that coal incineration causes to the air. As a result China can expect in several years a big relieve of this tremendous air pollution and get a much cleaner air and subsequently a rise of health in Chinas population.