KBI Group News

HTCW in Poland - Development efforts coming to fruition (February 2014)

HTCW Polska Sp. z o.o. announces planning approval for its first HTCW project.

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HTCW in Asia - ADB fond of HTCW technology (December 2012)

Organized by HGE Korea, the JV-Partner of KBI, CEO Johann Kellerer and Inventor Dr. Tischer presenting HTCW to the ADB (Asian Development Bank)

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HTCW in UK - HTCW projects being developed (July 2011)

KBI Group enters into a cooperation with local developers for to bring HTCW onto the British market.

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HTCW in China - Beijing (December 2010)

CEO J. Kellerer of KBI Group invited to present HTCW technology to Municipality in Beijing.

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HTCW in Russia - Knowledge of HTCW reaching GUS (December 2010)

The CEO of the KBI Group Mr. J. Kellerer got invited to first Waste-2-Energy Conference in Moscow to introduce HTCW technology.

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HTCW in China - Beijing Municipal Administration interested in HTCW (September 2010)

Delegation from Beijing Municipality visiting KBI Group in Arnstadt/Germany for to learn about HTCW-Technology.

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HTCW in Poland - Founding of HTCW Polska Sp. Z o.o. (July 2009)

KBI Group supports the founding of HTCW Polska Sp. z o.o. in Zielona Góra/Poland

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HTCW in China - JV founded (April 2009)

KBI Group announces first Joint Venture with a Chinese engineering company

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KBI Group changes strategy (January 2008)

KBI Group changes strategy to place HTCW onto the market by focusing on developing projects abroad

Problems in getting HTCW onto the German market (January 2005)

For to place the HTCW technology onto the market KBI Group tried to develop various sites in Germany

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HTCW patented and fully owned by KBI Group (January 2003)

The HTCW technology (formerly called HTSV) got approved by the main industrial nation's patent offices.

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Last test runs successfully completed and technology filed for patenting. (January 2002)

The goal set (see in 1997) has been achieved and the patents got applied for.

Start of the construction of the R&D plant (January 1998)

(text with technical data in preparation)

The birth of a new age of Waste Utilization for a Future with NO POLLUTION from Waste Treatment (November 1997)

The goals set for this Research and Development was to develop a technology that would be a solution for the waste problem

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